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Formax offers Artificial Intelligence SaaS for contingencies in supply chain, logistics processes automation and predictive actions development through Machine Learning, to name but a few. Formax works with neural network models as well as IA for decision making in real time for all logistics processes and supply chains.



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Service 1: Logistics processes automation for industries, telcos and high-volume inventory.
They raise up not only their own service level but also the one from their suppliers through the entire logistics chain coordination.
Service 2: Omnichannel for Retail as well as B2B & B2C trade
It allow consumers buying products no matter where they are and deliver orders wherever they want as quickly as possible.
Service 3: Operational continuity for mining, engineering and industry.
It makes all resources available, both own and third-party, without cutting the distribution chain and material traceability.

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    Aaron Cassorla Escobar, CEO OMNIX.

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