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Centro de Investigación JRI

Centro de Investigación JRI offers standard laboratory testing services and applied research studies. They are specialist in processing mining waste and addressing complex solution problems with a comprehensive point of view. They have the one and only laboratory in Latin America authorized under NCh 17025.Of2005 standards for conducting mineral tests. They have exported to Peru and Canada.



Partida Arancelaria

Service 1: Metallurgical pulp characterization
The company has the right equipment and staff to develop pulps characterization in granulometry, rheology, thickening and magnetic dissolution, to name but a few.
Service 2: Comprehensive study of thickening processes by using a computer simulator, which is validated up to industrial scale. They successfully delivered operational variables studies and changes in mining pulp properties.
Service 3: Advanced analysis across Machine Learning
An analysis of operational data is delivered; taking information from at least one year ago with a high frequency of measurement.

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    Pamela Garrido Ruiz, General Manager.

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